#StandWithHer | Solution
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Ending the violence that mass incarceration inflicts upon women requires comprehensive action:

Ending the Isolation of women with incarcerated loved ones:

Women with incarcerated loved ones must be able to connect to each other and to our incarcerated loved ones. We must have the right to regular and guaranteed contact visits, phone calls and letters. .

Shifting public opinion away from stigma and invisibility to an understanding of the power and prevalence of women with incarcerated loved ones.

We must build platforms, lead research, and elevate our voices to forefront our stories and perspectives. We are directly impacted and have experiential expertise.

Ending the poverty trap.

We must advocate for solutions that directly address the enormous financial burden of supporting an incarcerated loved one. This can include advocating for policy solutions that regulate the costs of visitation, phone calls and legal fees. It must also include the less visible costs of supporting an incarcerated loved one, including the work opportunities we lose because we do not have our family member at home to help us care for our children, or because we cannot move out of the state our family member is imprisoned within.

Mobilizing the millions of women with incarcerated loved ones and allies.

We must tell our stories in order to galvanize action. We are millions of women strong, and through our collective action, we can end the violence inflicted upon us by mass incarceration.

Changing policies that negatively impact the lives of women with incarcerated loved ones.

Our mobilization must result in concrete policy gains to change the structure of laws, policies and practices that are shaping the problem today.